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Donor #5548

Donor #5548

October 04, 2019

Donor 5548 is an ID Option donor with Lifetime photos available. He loves adventure and lives life on his own terms. He is always growing and learning while coming from a place of openness and acceptance. Confident in himself and his future, he wants to help others whenever he can. He is articulate and thoughtful about the big issues in life. His approach is artistic and sensual, whether he is cooking, riding his motorcycle or exploring the world around him. Although he can have a bad boy appearance, he is someone who genuinely cares about people and their intellectual and spiritual growth. He is a lean and fit individual, always making his health a priority. He has soulful, hazel eyes under thick and straight eyebrows. He has a rugged look, with a well-trimmed beard on his strong, square jaw. He keeps his thick, wavy brown hair neatly combed to the back. He is effortlessly fashionable, with a pierced ear and his usual skinny jeans and comfortable t-shirt under his jacket.