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Donor 5568

Donor 5568

April 26, 2021

Donor 5568 is an articulate and bright man, who is a deep thinker and very curious. He likes to get immersed in the cultural arts and attends the theater and concerts regularly. He plays the guitar and likes to act and read poetry. He is also a passionate cook. Giving to others when he can, he cares very deeply for those that are in his inner circle. He always speaks of his girlfriend in an endearing way. He works hard and is extremely intelligent. He has a rugged, handsome face with deep-set hazel eyes and a pair of wide, full lips that is framed by a short, dark beard. He has very voluminous brown hair and dark, strong eyebrows. When you look into his eyes, it feels as though you are peering into his soul. He always has a playful smirk on his face. He is active and has a lean physique that shows it. He looks like Kit Harrington.