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Donor 5575

Donor 5575

July 07, 2020

Donor 5575 is a joyful, calm, mature and empathetic individual. He loves to spend time with family, especially his wife, and values those relationships. He keeps the memories of his childhood close and they have shaped his outlook in life. He enjoys going to the movies above all but also likes to travel, play the guitar and read fiction or fantasy to relax. Innately kind, he is always willing to be helpful and give back to his community and to those in need. He is a handsome person both inside and out. Tall, slim and fit, he is dapper young man. One is instantly drawn to his gentle, kind and piercing blue eyes that sit under thick, clean brown eyebrows. Always smiling, his light-rosy pink lips curve widely to reveal a devilish smile, his cheeks also curve up helping illuminate his face. His head is greatly adorned with thick, clean-cut wavy brown hair always combed and neat, shorter at the sides while letting thick waves fall over his forehead.