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Donor 5596

Donor 5596

April 25, 2022

Donor 5596 is a staff favorite because he so friendly, optimistic, and outgoing. He is very polite and always asks about how we are doing. He is drawn to those who are kind-hearted. Passionate people who show their excitement inspire him. A creative man, he enjoys playing multiple stringed instruments, singing, and writing music and poetry. Very active, he likes hiking, rock climbing, camping, and riding motor bikes. He is an adoring and loving father to his young daughter and wants her to pursue her passions. He is very animated and has fantastic communication skills. Staff find him very attractive, with deep-set blue eyes and short blonde hair. He keeps his facial hair short and slightly scruffy, which gives him a rugged look. His lean and athletic build is the result of his past military service and active lifestyle.