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Donor #5608

Donor #5608

March 19, 2018

Donor 5608 is an Anonymous donor. He is competitive and determined, with an altruistic mind-set. Playing basketball from a young age has shaped a large part of who he has become, in basketball as well as other parts of life. His agility and physical traits have afforded him the opportunity to play, but it is his endurance and his work ethic that have kept him on the court. This donor is more than just an athlete though. He donates a good amount of time to a local charity and has a desire to give back to the community, rounding off his top three values in life: being trustworthy, courageous, and kind. He has dark caramel brown hair that always looks soft to the touch. He is tall and lean, with particularly strong calves that come as a result of his time on the basketball courts. His thin lips are usually curved in a gentle smirk, as this donor is constantly smiling. When he lets out a full laugh though, those lips open to reveal his picture-worthy smile. His oval-shaped eyes have a rich, light brown color. A handsome man, he closely resembles actor Matthew Atkinson.