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Donor #5630

Donor #5630

December 19, 2018

Donor 5630 is an Anonymous donor. He is a kind and honest man. A devout Christian, this donor’s faith and involvement in his church have served as an unwavering source of guidance. He puts other’s needs ahead of his own and likes to see others succeed. He grew up in a tough environment, one of six children reared by a single mother. And his mother’s devotion still inspires him. He is a proud father and involved family man. His calm, encouraging nature makes him a great coach and leader. Energized by face-to-face human connection, he’d rather talk to someone than read a text message. His tall, muscular build belies his laid back and gentle nature. This donor’s large brown eyes shine with a sincere kindness that makes him instantly approachable. He is always cheerful, and his perpetual smile reveals straight pearly-white teeth and smooth lips. Although friends say he looks like Will Smith or LeBron James, we think he looks a lot like basketball player Jalen Rose.