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Donor #5652

Donor #5652

February 27, 2019

Donor 5652 is a Non-ID Option donor. He is a strikingly handsome man with a passion for life. His drive for success has inspired him to start his own business. He considers himself focused and unflappable. Growing up, he was naturally inquisitive and would often explore the outdoors near his home. This love of nature pairs well with his inclination towards adventure, as he enjoys travelling and staying very active. He likes to cook, frequent Jazz bars, woodwork, surf and skateboard. His tall, toned body and strong arms coupled with his beautiful golden hair and charming smile evoke the image of a surfer. This donor’s eyes are a rich, steel-blue that glimmer with warm friendliness and stand out against his pale eyelashes and brows. He has a short beard and mustache that accentuate his straight jawline and frame his smooth lips. Many friends say he looks like Matthew McConaughey. He also strongly resembles tennis player Michael Venus.