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Donor #5662

Donor #5662

October 02, 2019

Donor 5662 is a Non-ID Option Graduate donor. He is a bright, well-educated man. He is a great conversationalist, projecting compassion and confidence. He has a lifelong love of sports and fitness with college level success. His athletic talents include track and field, tennis, golf, and ice hockey. Time spent with family is very important to him, especially the close bond he shares with his identical twin brother. With a competitive nature, this donor is driven to achieve his goals with dedication and hard work. He has classic good looks and a strong, athletic build. His big blue eyes are expressive, and he has an ever-present smile that shows his warm personality. He wears his blond hair short and neat, and is always clean-shaven. This donor is extremely fit and muscular, and with broad shoulders and a strong square jaw, he has the look of a superhero in disguise. He resembles Eric Koch.