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Donor #5664

Donor #5664

October 02, 2019

onor 5664 is a Non-ID Option donor. He is upbeat and easygoing. He is a creative problem solver and adapts to challenging scenarios with a level head. Reliable and steady, he is very dedicated to his friends and family. He often throws himself into new hobbies, hoping to master a new skill. Chess and cooking are recent pursuits. He has inviting sapphire eyes that are framed by exceptionally long, full lashes. His love of outdoor sports has given his skin a warm, natural glow that pairs nicely with the golden tones in his short, medium-brown hair. He dresses casually in short sleeve shirts that reveal his muscular upper arms. This donor always wears a friendly smile and his laid back, charming expression makes him easy to talk to. He looks like pianist and composer Pablo Held.