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Donor #5679

Donor #5679

October 04, 2019

Donor 5679 is an ID Option donor with Lifetime photos available. He is musically gifted, and has spent nearly his entire life writing and playing music. He began playing piano at as a child, and has been dedicated to his art ever since. This donor is devoted to his health and education as well, and adheres to a strict diet of no processed foods or added sugar. His father instilled in him a deep love of learning and taught him excellent study habits that allowed this donor to graduate at the top of his class in high school and maintain very high GPA in college. He has a cheery smile and overall relaxed demeanor. He loves to play tennis, and as a result has a healthy, fit build. His chocolate-brown hair is often swept to the side, and his short beard is trimmed neatly. This donor’s beautiful moss-green eyes are framed by dark lashes and straight, full brows.