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Donor #5701

Donor #5701

October 24, 2018

Donor 5701 is an Anonymous donor. He is a truly selfless man. He loves helping other people and participating in public service activities. He is currently a firefighter. He is extremely determined and has a strong work ethic. He always comes in with a bright smile on his face and with an optimistic outlook on life. A mantra that he lives by is to never give up on your goals in life. Just being in his presence is uplifting and brightens your entire day. He has an average height with a medium-light, rosy complexion. With an athletic body, he has muscular arms, broad and high shoulders with a toned neck and chiseled chest that’s visible through his shirts. He has dreamy blue eyes. His style is “southern swag” comfortable, in blue jeans and cowboy boots. He has a charm, style and appearance very similar to actor Lucas Till in the Hannah Montana movie.