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Donor #5702

Donor #5702

May 03, 2018

Donor 5702 is an ID Option Graduate donor. He is very intelligent and it shows in everything he does. Focused and determined, he has a comfortable job and happy lifestyle. He is polite and kindhearted and enjoys teaching and giving back. An avid reader, he is always learning. He spends his free time with his wife cracking puns, visiting waterfalls, and cooking organic foods. Although this donor is very intelligent, he is extremely humble, and he wants to live on a farm with his wife and teach his future children about the wonders of the natural world. This donor has the most fascinating hazel eyes. When he enters the room, you’re initially greeted with an illuminating presence as he acknowledges you with a fine grin that is highlighted by his chin dimple. He looks like singer Drew Lachey.