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Donor #5716

Donor #5716

June 08, 2018

Donor 5716 is an ID Option donor. He’s shyness is really endearing. When you first get to know him, he’s somewhat discreet and reserved, but when you get him to crack a smile he becomes an open book. He is a loving family man with five children, while also working active duty in the Army. Very affectionate and compassionate, his goal is to ensure that his family and anyone else in need are well taken care of. He is optimistic about the future, and hopes one day to pursue a graduate degree. Our staff considers him a cute guy with a soft smile. He always keeps his appearance sharp, with his business casual attire and clean military haircut. His hazel eyes are highlighted by his linear nose, slightly high cheek bones, and strong chin. He has a set of freckles and dimples that never go unnoticed. Friends say he looks like Channing Tatum.