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Donor #5720

Donor #5720

October 24, 2018

Donor 5720 is an Anonymous donor with an Adult Childhood photo set available. His enthusiasm radiates and is truly contagious. He believes that making the most out of life is a motto to live by. Hard work, dedication and perseverance set him apart from others. Anything is possible and if you dream about it, you have to live it. He loves spending time outdoors and doing spontaneous things such as paragliding. He pushes himself to conquer his fears and be a “daredevil.” He loves riding dirt bikes, motorcycles, and traveling. Extremely intelligent, having completed a rigorous mechanical engineering degree, he aspires to be a fighter pilot. He has dark brown eyes and straight black hair that complements his medium skin tone. His slim figure can be attributed to his love of going to the gym and spending time outdoors. His dark, thick eyebrows make him look serious even when he is smiling. His bright smile and slight mustache are the first things that you notice when he comes in.