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Donor #5734

Donor #5734

February 13, 2019

Donor 5734 is an ID Option donor. He is driven to be successful, from being the first in his family to finish a college degree to making the most of the opportunities in his life. His primary focus is his family and he is happiest when he can help those he loves. He is humble, loyal and full of compassion for others. He describes himself as strong-willed and is also open minded and not prone to judge others. Our staff sees him as very outgoing and confident. You can tell that he is adventurous and loves the outdoors and traveling. He has a solid build, broad shoulders and a large chest that gives him a strong looking physique. He has an attractive youthful appearance. He has full eyebrows, clear skin and some chin facial hair that he keeps in a clean and low shave. He looks like actor Benjamin Bratt.