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Donor #5735

Donor #5735

February 20, 2019

Donor 5735 is an ID Option donor. He is a devoted father with an altruistic nature. He is a counselor who helps those with mental health issues and in particular wants to help veterans with PTSD. He is smart and driven to pursue further education. He loves spending time with his children more than anything else. He has been a chef and still loves to cook at home. During his free time he likes to be outdoors hiking, especially during fall which is his favorite time of year. He even took his outdoor adventures to the next level by going skydiving. He has beautiful blue eyes and dark blond hair. He has a light complexion with clear and radiant skin that gives him a sort of glow. He has a full beard and mustache that he maintains in a clean low trim. He is a handsome man with a nice sense of style. He resembles martial artist Georges St-Pierre.