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Donor #5752

Donor #5752

October 02, 2019

Donor 5752 is a Non-ID Option donor. He is a focused man who aspires to be a police officer after completing his criminology degree. He is inquisitive, responsible and mature. He is well liked by the staff because he is personable and has excellent communication skills. A self-proclaimed handyman, he can fix just about anything. He is an avid animal lover. He shared with the staff that his dad is his hero and inspiration; and would like to be considered a “hero” himself one day. He is a charmer, with radiant blue eyes and sandy blond hair that he keeps in a short, voguish cut. He maintains just enough chin hair to give him an attractive, manly appearance. His frame is solid and in good shape. Although he is notably attractive, his demeanor is unaffected. He resembles actor Dylan Sprouse.