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Donor 5795

Donor 5795

March 06, 2020

Donor 5795 is upbeat and humble. His multicultural background makes him fluent in two cultures. Being kind and honest is important to him and his family values. He is bashful initially, yet he is an affectionate man. He radiates positivity; it can make your whole day. He loves hiking and spending time outdoors because it is the perfect way to be introspective. Believing we should be constantly growing and learning, teaching others is a good career choice for him. He is always searching for ways to help others and thinks kindness and thoughtfulness are key components of the human experience. In a lifetime partner, he seeks to be there for them emotionally and to be their caretaker. He is tall and handsome with a slim and toned physique. His kind eyes are hiding underneath his glasses, but when he smiles, they come shining through. He is so humble he doesn’t realize how cute he truly is.