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Donor #5804

Donor #5804

September 07, 2018

Donor 5804 is an Anonymous Graduate donor. He is an ambitious man who enjoys working as a safety engineer. He is part of a large family and is a patient, easygoing and humble man as a result. He is close to his family and appreciative of their friendship and support. As a true animal lover, you’ll see his eyes light up when you ask him about his dog. This donor is nonchalant and laid back. As a true conversationalist, it is easy to become transfixed by his sweet, charming personality. He is naturally outgoing but generally soft-spoken. He is always eager to get to know new people. He is punctual and professional and maintains a friendly attitude with our staff. He has full, thick eyebrows that perfectly frame his bright brown eyes. His sun kissed skin complements his dark features. He keeps his beard neatly trimmed and clean cut, which brings out his soft smile. A handsome man, his dark, wavy brown hair is always neatly groomed. He is polished and professional which shows his business casual style. He closely resembles soccer player Ethan Zohn.