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Donor 5851

Donor 5851

July 07, 2020

Donor 5851 is a highly intelligent, well-spoken young man with a passion for philosophy and politics. He is incredibly altruistic, and his interests in policy stem from his desire to leave the world a better place than he found it. This donor has ambitious goals for himself, and he meticulously plans each day to help him achieve his dreams. He learned from a young age that the best gifts in life are usually intangible, and that memories made with those you love are priceless treasures. He likes to keep his body as sharp as his mind, and he swims laps to help him relax after a rigorous study session or debate. He loves the outdoors and tries to get out as often as he can when the weather is favorable. His almond-shaped eyes are a beautiful jade green. His full, shapely lips are often pulled into a friendly grin that reveals his straight, white teeth. This donor has a head of dark, curly hair that he keeps trimmed short on the sides and long on top. He has a light, warm complexion that tans easily and he prefers to keep his face clean-shaven. He strongly resembles singer Maluma.