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Donor 5852

Donor 5852

July 07, 2020

Donor 5852 is a very ambitious and strikingly intelligent man. He is analytical, inquisitive, and articulate. This worldly donor requires an entire wall for the degrees, certifications and honors he has worked so hard to earn. He has two bachelor’s degrees, one in applied mathematics and another in nuclear engineering as well as a master’s degree in mathematical and computational finance. Not only is he incredibly intelligent, but he is also likes helping others and volunteers often. He is driven to have a life of meaning. Dedicated to his health, he goes on long runs and lifts weights and plans to train for a triathlon. He also has a way with words; literally, he speaks 4 different languages! He sports a clean-cut look. His five-o clock shadow flatters his round face and full plump lips. Always the professional, he dresses sharply in business attire.