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Donor 5861

Donor 5861

July 10, 2021

Donor 5861 is an intelligent and driven young man. He has already obtained a bachelor’s degree and graduate degree in biology, which he applies every day to make a positive impact as a teacher. Mature beyond his age, he focuses on happiness and growth rather than monetary or physical items. He consistently has a happy demeanor and is always willing to converse. He loves nature, being outdoors and taking wildlife photos. A family man, he enjoys meals and playing games with them in his down time. Co-workers say he is diplomatic and steady. He is very versatile, well spoken, and generally a joy to be around. His build is athletic with broad shoulders and a toned physique. He has perfectly tanned skin, which shows off his flawless complexion. He has a wide grin adorning his square jaw and deep, thoughtful brown eyes.