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Donor 5877

Donor 5877

April 11, 2022

Donor 5877 is an ambitious, career-driven entrepreneur who has his sights set on running his own clean tech company. He has set himself up for success by graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree and working to gain hands-on business experience. While he is ambitious at his core, this young man has already discovered that there is more to life than his career. He speaks with a mature and sophisticated tone, uncommon for his age. A lifelong learner, he enjoys spending his free time drawing and reading. He is an open-minded individual who enjoys thought-provoking discussion of old and new ideas. He also appreciates new flavors; he tries new recipes and cuisines any chance he gets. He is a good-looking young man, with deep brown eyes and an engaging smile. He has been told he looks like voice actor Todd Haberkorn, and we agree.