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Donor #6017

Donor #6017

October 04, 2019

Donor 6017 is an ID Option Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is laid back, thoughtful and kindhearted. Soft-spoken with a calm confidence, he has a drive to succeed. He grew up on a dairy farm and is no stranger to hard work. Being outdoors is a passion; he likes to fish, hunt and kayak. A PhD student in food science and technology, he acknowledges the positive influence of his childhood home life. He chooses his words deliberately and thoughtfully and is sincere in his communication style with others. He holds his familial relationships with high regard and truly appreciates the time he gets to spend with his loved ones. Tall and lean, he has nice gray-blue eyes and full lips frequently shaped into a warm smile. He has dark brown, pleasantly tousled hair that contrasts well with his medium-light skin tone. As someone who appreciates form and function, you can typically find him sporting a flannel shirt and jeans.