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Donor #6019

Donor #6019

October 04, 2019

Donor 6019 is a Non-ID Option donor. He is inspired by helping others and is very kind and caring. Creative and expressive, he is pursuing an architecture degree and spends his leisure time drawing and creating artwork. With a drive to better himself, he is a hard worker and doing well in his academics. He is in touch with his emotions and feels deeply for those less fortunate. Although a quiet person, he speaks thoughtfully and intentionally. In his free time, he is active in sports leagues and reads voraciously. Handsome, tall and lean, he has sparkling blue eyes. His light skin tone makes his blue eyes shine even brighter. He keeps his hair short at the sides with longer, tousled strands on top. His eyebrows are broad and distinct in shape and highlight his high cheekbones. He wears a warm, bright smile that reaches his eyes. This donor resembles actor Ben Foster.