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Donor 6038

Donor 6038

March 23, 2021

Donor 6038 is very down to earth and humble. Raised on a family farm, he is passionate about farming and making a difference feeding the world. He has learned to work hard and approaches everything in life with a can-do attitude. Helping others is important; he is a proud member of the National Guard. He is a good listener, and he likes to be there for his friends and family. Working with his family on the farm is important to him. In his free time, he likes to be a handyman fixing trucks, hunting, weightlifting, and staying fit. He is broad shouldered and well put together. He is a farmer, and his physique shows how active he is. He keeps his hair short and tight and stays clean shaven. He has brown hair that is complimented nicely by his hazel eyes. This donor has a strong jaw and classic good looks.