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Donor 6047

Donor 6047

March 06, 2020

Donor 6047 is an intelligent man with a very compassionate side. Exceptionally thoughtful, he finds meaning in life by helping others. His career as an audiologist is well suited for him. Open-minded and honest, he knows he doesn’t have all the answers and is willing to consider other points of view. He closely identifies with his mother who instilled a strong work ethic as well as the importance of being kind. He loves to travel and plan his next adventure. Being outdoors hiking and building with Legos are favorite hobbies. Our staff likes his sense of humor. The first thing you notice about him is his thick well-groomed mustache. He has a strong and wide-shouldered build. His full head of thick dark brown hair is complimented nicely by his warm hazel eyes. Friends have told him he looks like a young Tom Selleck, and we agree.