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Donor 6130

Donor 6130

August 12, 2021

Donor 6130 is a successful professional who values treating others with kindness. He considers himself laid back and able to see what really matters in life despite his busy schedule. After graduating with his bachelor’s, he went into the work force and found he wanted to fulfill his dream of working in law. He then went on to complete his law degree. And although his career is stressful, his approach to life is not to let the stress affect his day to day. He likes to think of what is the most impactful and whether he has control over it, and if he does not, he lets it go. He enjoys quality time with his family, and they have taught him the value of being honest, loyal, and trustworthy. In his free time, he likes to work on house improvement, building and repairing things as needed. He is handsome and a well put together young professional. He likes to stay active by playing sports, especially golf.