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Donor 6142

Donor 6142

August 26, 2020

Donor 6142 is a handsome man who focuses on healthy living. He is very creative, expressing himself in cooking, photography, sculpting, and painting. As an art teacher, he loves being able to see his students flourish as individuals in his class. Creating art is a way to unwind and find inner peace. Because of this belief, he hopes his class can be a safe place for his students to relax and tap into their creativity. Family is a huge priority and his large Italian family celebrations are his fondest memories. He approaches life with love and respect. He is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer, who strongly believes in the value of health and nutrition in everyday life. He has a friendly smile and gentle demeanor that makes people feel at ease when they interact with him. He is a kind and caring person who always tries to stay positive.