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Donor 6156

Donor 6156

August 05, 2020

Donor 6156 is a very bright, articulate, and thoughtful man. Easy going and kind, he always tries to think about others and how his actions affect those around him, believing who we are is largely defined by how we treat other people. He tries to take calculated risks and admits he is figuring out life as he goes while always taking the time to appreciate the little bits of everyday life. His job as a professor allows him to explore his intellectual side and gives him an opportunity to test out his ideas of the world. However, he keeps his life balanced and expresses his creative side through music and writing. He enjoys reading, traveling, and staying active. He is involved in a variety of sports and continues to stay fit by weightlifting, playing squash and surfing when he the can. He brightens up the room with his infectious smile and chatty personality. His friends tell him he looks like Australian actor Andrew Bibby. He also looks like soccer star Mario Gotze.