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Donor 6158

Donor 6158

April 12, 2021

Donor 6158 is a kind, soft-spoken person who values hard work. He is dedicated to furthering his education and takes on challenges in his life in creative ways. He is very close with his family and finds time for them even if his schedule is busy. Always friendly and patient, his easygoing personality makes him a calming presence. He loves to travel, snowboard, and read. He has a slim build and broad shoulders. Very fit, he stays active by being outdoors playing a variety of sports with friends and family. He has a casual, sporty style and can often be seen representing his favorite sports teams. He keeps his light brown hair short and out of his face which accentuates his cornflower blues eyes. His eyes are stunning but calm and his face is well-proportioned. His appearance perfectly matches his peaceful personality.