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Donor 6197

Donor 6197

April 11, 2022

Donor 6197 is an intelligent and articulate man who is lives honorably. He aspires to be a physician and is completing a challenging degree in biomedical engineering. His patient, understanding nature makes him very easy to talk to while his gentle voice and demeanor establish a calm energy which will be beneficial in his future career as a doctor. He lives his life intentionally, aiming to enjoy every experience and take advantage of promising opportunities. While juggling a hectic schedule, he still finds time to express himself creatively through sculpting, weaving, and cooking. He believes in the importance of family, hoping to be able to care and provide for his parents when they need him. He is a handsome man with a slender frame and a bright, wide smile. He stays fit by biking, hiking, and practicing martial arts, valuing both the physical and mental challenge offered by Taekwondo. He has a calm demeanor that is inviting to others.