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Donor 6201

Donor 6201

March 27, 2020

Donor 6201 seeks adventure and loves to travel. He is driven, athletic and considers himself very reliable. He has a warm, sunny personality that matches his charismatic smile. He grew up on a ranch where riding horses was a part of his daily life, and his exciting childhood instilled in him a constant thirst for adventure. He lives life to the fullest. He loves to scuba dive, snowboard and practice archery. Happiest when he is outdoors, he plans to travel to every continent someday. This donor also appreciates life’s simpler pleasures; he loves to cook and read to unwind at the end of a busy workday. He is tall and lean, with sun-kissed skin that gives him a handsome, athletic appearance. His beautiful hazel eyes are framed by long lashes and light brown brows. This donor is upbeat and outgoing and frequently wears a charming smile.