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Donor 6218

Donor 6218

March 06, 2020

Donor 6218 is a polite, outgoing young man with a passion for outdoor adventure. He loves to hike and camp and has made it a life goal of his to backpack through every National Park. Family is incredibly important to this donor, and he credits his achievements and empathetic, optimistic disposition to the love and guidance his parents have given him. He is intellectual as well as creative, and in his free time, he can be found cooking, drawing, or reading nonfiction. He is a handsome, athletic-looking man with sandy-blonde hair and beautiful, forest-green eyes. His clean-shaven face reveals a cool, even complexion that flushes slightly on cold or windy days. This donor’s charming, sunny nature is reflected in his ever-present grin and in the relaxed, open way he carries himself.