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Donor 6226

Donor 6226

July 07, 2020

Donor 6226 is a very bright man, who loves reading classic literature. His calm nature and exquisite vocabulary make conversations with this donor easy and compelling. He is highly intelligent, diligent, and eager to learn new things. Creative as well, he loves to express his inventiveness through his cooking. He strives to be well-rounded and he admires those that make time for life-enriching activities beyond work. He believes that honesty with yourself and with others is the most critical ingredient in the recipe for a happy, healthy life. His striking steel-blue eyes are framed by long, dark lashes and full brows. He holds a contemplative gaze and the gentle smile of someone reserved and professional. This donor has a tall, lean physique that he keeps toned from running and practicing Krav Maga. His short, dense beard highlights his straight jawline. He resembles actor Tom Hardy.