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Donor 6227

Donor 6227

March 06, 2020

Donor 6227 is a talented music producer and passionate musician. Reliable and unflappable, he is an exceptional leader and thrives in a crowd. He values making the best out of each day because, as he says, life is not a dress rehearsal. His love of discovery extends to the recording studio, where he enjoys the eye-opening moments his clients have when they hear their song for the first time. His loving family has encouraged him to live his dream. He has rugged good looks with warm hazel eyes framed by dark, well-groomed brows. He has an ever-cheerful gaze. When he smiles, attention is drawn to his high cheekbones. His silky brown hair is worn long so that it falls just below his shoulders. This donor is quite fashionable and bold in his style choices, opting for bright clothes that perfectly mirror his jovial attitude. Always smiling and conversational, this donor brings an air of positivity that is impossible to miss. He resembles singer Damien Saez.