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Donor 6228

Donor 6228

April 06, 2020

Donor 6228 is a world traveler with a passion for learning about different cultures. He has an empathetic and generous nature towards others. His parents instilled in him the ability to identify opportunities and the desire to constantly improve himself. This donor is sunny and optimistic. He is laid back and loves spending quality time with his friends and family. He is an attractive man with golden-brown, almond-shaped eyes shine with a friendly radiance when he smiles. His silky, black hair is trimmed in a sporty, youthful style that contrasts nicely against his healthy, luminous complexion. This donor has slight cheekbones and a straight, angular jawline that he keeps clean-shaven. His trim build is accentuated by his business casual attire, which he wears with a sense of style. He looks like actor Tony Leung Chin Wai.