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Donor 6239

Donor 6239

July 07, 2020

Donor 6239 is a mellow, down-to-earth man that grew up in a small town. The close-knit nature of his childhood community taught him the value of treating other people with kindness and respect. This donor is very humble, and even though he is an accomplished marathon runner and talented musician, he never brags about his skills or achievements. He admires honesty and integrity in others and seeks to exemplify these traits himself. He loves to cook, and greatly prefers to make a meal from scratch versus eating out at a restaurant. He has a toned physique and strong lower body that results from his passion for running marathons. His soft hazel eyes hold a cool, collected gaze and look out from under thick, straight eyebrows. This donor has a very dense and well-sculpted beard that accentuates the straight lines of his jaw and gives him the appearance of a handsome outdoorsman.