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Donor 6245

Donor 6245

July 07, 2020

Donor 6245 is cool and collected, and he rarely approaches a task without a plan in mind. As a first generation American, he aims to make the most of the wealth of opportunity given to him and is currently studying to be a doctor. He is incredibly intelligent, and he managed to maintain a very high GPA in school while also training for triathlons. His grandmother’s stories about living during World War II inspire him to live fully and virtuously. He takes nothing for granted and he keeps his family close. He has a sunny, cheerful smile and full lips. His luminous golden-blond hair is well-trimmed and swept back casually, giving him the look of a laid-back surfer. This donor’s brilliant blue eyes are framed by fair blond eyelashes and tapered brows. He has a tall, lean build that results from his love of competing in triathlons.