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Donor 6249

Donor 6249

October 01, 2020

Donor 6249 is a highly intellectual man with a thirst for adventure and a lifelong passion for traveling the world. His journeys and interactions with a globe-spanning array of cultures has left him with a deep sense of empathy and understanding for other people. He believes that there is something to be learned from all people regardless of wealth or background and is endlessly curious about the many wisdoms each of us possess. When this donor is not in the air, he loves to cook, surf, and read science fiction or historical literature. He wears a charming smile framed by a short moustache and stubble beard. His toned build is a result of his love for the outdoors and healthy cooking. He has wavy dark-blonde hair that is usually swept to the side in a breezy, laid-back style. His golden-brown eyes shine with a warm enthusiasm and intelligence.