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Donor 6260

Donor 6260

May 26, 2021

Donor 6260 is a charming man with impeccable manners and a love for good conversation. His sunny charisma and open mind give him a magnetic quality that allows him to make friends easily and relate well to others. He aims to generate happiness both for himself and for others wherever he goes, and he dreams of traveling the world someday. He loves the outdoors and is always excited to go rock climbing or play sports with friends. With an analytical mind, he craves knowledge and new experiences, but often flexes his creative muscles as well when writing poetry or playing guitar. The staff considers him a handsome man whose beaming white smile contrasts beautifully against his warm, sun-kissed complexion. He has a lean, slim physique that he maintains by getting outdoors and his face is framed by long, loose curls of chestnut- brown hair that grazes his cheekbones and highlight the gold tones in his gentle hazel eyes.