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Donor 6261

Donor 6261

March 23, 2021

Donor 6261 is an optimistic, warm-hearted young man that lives life in the moment. He is laid-back and polite and can find a reason to smile in almost any situation. This donor exhibits great tenacity when it comes to his goals and he isn’t afraid to stand back up when life knocks him down. He is inventive and clever, and he enjoys flexing his creative muscles when cooking or remodeling old cars. He is devoted to his family and wants nothing more from life than the chance to take care of those that once took care of him. He is handsome with a beautiful, inviting smile and a warm demeanor. His light brown eyes shine with sincerity and kindness when he speaks. He works out regularly, and his usual attire of well-fitted activewear often accentuates his toned arms and chest.