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Donor 6277

Donor 6277

April 05, 2021

Donor 6277 is an adventurer at heart, and he is well on his way to meeting his goal of exploring all seven continents. He greets each day with a cheerful exuberance and curiosity about the world, and he strives to learn as much as he can about different walks of life. Whether he is earning an engineering degree after leaving the navy or summitting a mountaintop solo, this donor revels in the chance to challenge himself. In his downtime, he enjoys designing cars and houses, cooking, and taking road trips with his dog. He has a kind, earnest smile, and enchanting, grey-blue eyes. His wavy, chocolate-brown hair and full beard give him the appearance of a friendly outdoorsman. His active lifestyle helps him keep his body in shape. He has a light, even complexion that tans easily when he’s sailing or hiking. He resembles soccer player Koke.