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Donor 6279

Donor 6279

April 30, 2021

Donor 6279 is an optimistic, easygoing individual that enjoys living in the moment and appreciating the simple things. As a young adult, he traveled from his parent country to America on his own in the hopes of receiving a better education. His hard work paid off when he received his degrees and was able to use them to help support his friends and family. When this donor isn’t focused on bettering his education and career, he’s traveling the world and has learned to speak six languages from his time abroad! He loves interacting with the locals and adopting customs from the culture. His most defining physical feature is his voluminous, shoulder-length, wavy black hair that matches his equally thick and dark beard and eyebrows. He has kind, light-brown, round eyes that soften his appearance and balance the rest of his rugged features. He has a tall stature with a lean frame and large, muscular legs. He spends his free time hiking, mountain climbing, and playing tennis.