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Donor 6283

Donor 6283

July 23, 2021

Donor 6283 is an aspiring chef, and he spends much of his free time perfecting his craft. He expresses his artistic nature by making music, drawing, and painting, and inventing new dishes. This donor is very down to earth, and he welcomes the opinions and perspectives of others as a means of broadening his own world view. He prefers spontaneity over structure and revels in the beauty of an unplanned get-together or a recipe invented on the spot. When he is not working, this donor loves to get outdoors and go hiking or volunteer at local farms. He is a tall, lean young man with long dark hair that frames his handsome face. His dark, thoughtful eyes are framed by long lashes and thick, straight brows. His full, shapely lips are usually pulled into a charming grin. This donor has a beautiful sun-kissed complexion that complements his dark hair and eyes.