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Donor 6288

Donor 6288

July 31, 2021

Donor 6288 is a warm-hearted and profoundly thoughtful game developer with a knack for human connection. He is very perceptive of the feelings and needs of those around him, and he can easily identify ways to make people happy or feel at ease. This donor is creative as well, and he loves to play guitar, sing and write music as a way to ground himself and escape from the day’s stresses. He places great emphasis on being present in life, and he would always rather play a sport than watch one. Confident about himself and his place in the world, his genial and humble nature allows him to achieve his goals with ease. He is tall and lean, with long chocolate brown hair that falls in loose waves around his kind face. His mossy hazel eyes shine with a warm sincerity when he speaks. He dresses in a bohemian style, and his choice of bold prints and colorful accessories reflects his inner creativity.