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Donor 6292

Donor 6292

November 02, 2021

Donor 6292 is a laidback, calm individual who prefers to live a quiet life. He isn’t interested in technology or social media. A talented musician, this donor plays multiple instruments including the keyboard, trumpet, flute, and guitar. His gardening is a passion, and he is always looking for new vegetables to grow. His goal is to earn his Bachelor’s in Mathematics so he can teach and eventually start a hydroponics business. Tall and lean, he has muscular arms and legs. His long, straight dark-brown hair is streaked with natural golden highlights that glisten in the sunlight and is always perfectly styled in a ponytail. He has large brown eyes that compliment his light-brown facial hair and accentuate his full pink lips. He has a warm ivory skin tone from spending all his leisure time gardening.