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Donor 6293

Donor 6293

September 01, 2021

Donor 6293 is a fun loving and charming man. In pursuit of his goal to own his own business, he earned degrees in Business and Accounting. When he’s not working hard as a CPA of a children’s book company, he’s avidly reading and collecting 1st editions of his favorite comic book series. He has a great love for the water and bought his first boat at 14 years old. He now owns several that he enjoys fixing up. Athletic and passionate, this donor has an affinity for hiking and basketball. The staff finds this donor undeniably charming and easy to get along with. Very attractive, he has a toned physique and muscular legs due to his daily morning runs with his two dogs. He has fair skin with rosy, pink cheeks and sapphire blue eyes. His thick, dark-brown, curly hair is always perfectly tousled and styled to match his laid-back personality. He has a strong, narrow jawline that that creates a dimple on his chin when he smiles while talking about his latest hiking adventures.