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Donor 6299

Donor 6299

October 14, 2021

Donor 6299 is a mindful, attentive individual whose main passion in life is healing his patients. From his upbringing, this donor learned to value family and friends and treat all relationships with generosity and respect. His family values pushed him to pursue a career in healthcare and earn a doctorate in physical therapy. When he’s not focused on work, he is an active volunteer at his church. He also likes to spend his time in the water swimming, paddle boarding, longboarding, or surfing. He enjoys being a creative cook as well. Courteous and kind with every interaction, the staff love hearing how passionate he is about his patients. He is a tall, handsome man with long, toned arms and legs due to his ample time practicing Pilates and stretching. His prominent dark brown eyes are kind and complement his mild-mannered personality and reserved nature.