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Donor 6302

Donor 6302

October 30, 2020

Donor 6302 is very bright and driven. He is charming and enthusiastically engages in conversation. Working on his PhD in Mechanical Engineering does not keep him from enjoying life. He is an avid traveler, loves to do freshwater dives, hikes, runs marathons, plays the piano, reads, and paints. He appreciates intelligence, curiosity, generosity, and mindfulness in others. In the future he sees himself working for an aerospace company of his own, traveling, and making frequent trips to the beach. To find moments of clarity, this donor stargazes as it puts life into perspective. He wants to enjoy every moment. He is absolutely a creative soul with a zest for life. Our staff comments that he is handsome and fit. His short curly black hair perfectly frames his cute face. His eyes are soft and kind. With a smile as warm as his, it could make anyone feel comfortable and at ease.